During the spring 2021 semester, Elizabethtown College announced several students received national recognition by being awarded prestigious scholarships and fellowships, including one student being named a recipient of the competitive Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation and a student being accepted into the Oxford University Master of Philosophy in Modern Middle Eastern Studies.

“We are incredibly proud of our students who were honored for their commitment and dedication to their scholarly work,” Elizabethtown College President Cecilia M. McCormick, J.D. said. “These prestigious scholarships demonstrate our students’ academic level of excellence as well as our devoted faculty and staff who support our students to ensure they lead productive and purposeful lives.”

The following Elizabethtown College students and graduates received scholarships:

  • Matthew Smith was one of 16 students worldwide accepted into the Oxford University Master of Philosophy in Modern Middle Eastern Studies.
  • Jalen Belgrave was named a Humanity In Action Fellow.

“The Humanity in Action Fellowship is highly competitive and aligns with the history, values, and mission of our College,” Elizabethtown College Director of Special Programs & Prestigious Scholarships, Jean-Paul Benowitz said. “The fellowship develops leaders in peacemaking, social justice, and service.”

Other scholarships include:

  • John Talbott was recognized as a recipient of The Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation and named an American Chemical Society Division of Organic Chemistry Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow.
  • Alumna Haley Young, Class of 2019, has been named a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow.
  • Alumna Colby Schweibenz, Class of 2018, was named a National Institutes of Health Ruth L. Kirschsteir National Research Service Award National Cancer Institute Individual Predoctoral Fellow.
  • The following students were named Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholars: Jacob Schell (Japan), Ariel Hampton (Japan), Laura Carr, (Ecuador), Emma Nalesnik (Ireland), Caden Robinson (Oaxaca, Mexico), Michelle Calvo (Florence, Italy), Nicole Rodak (Seoul, South Korea), Courtney Westman (Kimana, Rift Valley, Kenya), Leaslie Alejandres (Osaka, Japan), Zoe Goebel (Osaka, Japan), Zoe Scheerer (Edinburgh, Scotland).
  • Kyle Cappucci and Kyle Hess were named the recipients of the Elizabethtown College Prestigious Scholarships and Fellowships Summer Enrichment Grants. 

“The process of applying for Prestigious Scholarships and Fellowships can take up to a year or longer,” Benowitz said. “The application process requires writing and editing, several revisions, and a collaborative interdisciplinary approach involving faculty, staff, alumni, and emeriti all working together, with the student, to produce the most competitive application.”

Prestigious scholarships and fellowships provide funding for a wide range of activities:

  • full tuition, fees, and a living stipend to earn a graduate degree abroad
  • undergraduate or graduate study in the U.S.
  • conducting a research project abroad
  • teaching English abroad
  • internships abroad
  • social engagement projects in the U.S. or abroad

Elizabethtown College will provide assistance to any student wishing to pursue a scholarship and/or fellowship and meets the requirements. Learn more at etown.edu.