Elizabethtown College Professor of Mathematical and Computer Sciences Tim McDevitt was recently awarded the prestigious ASA/ACM/AMS/IMS/MAA/SIAM Science and Technology Policy Fellowship in Washington, D.C.

The fellowship, which is funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, focuses on data science and related expertise such as machine learning, data visualization, and causal inference to meet legislative and policymaking challenges.

“I am thrilled to be selected for the fellowship and it is a great honor,” said McDevitt. “It is an exciting opportunity for me to apply my knowledge of statistics and data science to analyze and help shape important policies that will affect all of us.”

Fellows serve on the staff of a senator, representative, or congressional committee beginning September 2021.

“I hope to have a positive impact on the development of public policies by supporting data-driven decisions on important issues, and I hope to deepen my knowledge of our country’s legislative processes,” said McDevitt.

This prestigious policy fellowship will also allow McDevitt to utilize his data science skills to service the entire United States, an aspect of the experience that accentuates the College’s “Educate for Service” motto. 

“This fellowship will also broaden my experience in non-academic areas and it will help me be of greater service to students and colleagues in a variety of disciplines, including political science, sociology, economics, business, and communications,” said McDevitt. “I also hope to learn from all of the talented people that I will meet.”