Transferring from one institution to another can be daunting. However, Elizabethtown College has aimed to make that process as seamless as possible and is recognized as one of the most transfer-friendly schools in the nation! Our admissions practices, cost of attendance, campus life, and partnership with a number of two-year colleges, all help to ease the transfer process.

Hear from current students who began their college journey at another institution, before deciding to call Etown home!

Summer Hanley

Class Year

Early Childhood Education

Former Institution
Montgomery County Community College

Why did you choose to transfer to Etown?
I was a part of the dual-enrollment program through my high school at Montgomery County Community College (MCCC). This was a program where I would go to MCCC to take classes and I would earn credits for high school and college. One of the reasons I chose Etown is because they accepted almost all of my classes and they are allowing me to graduate in three years instead of four. I also felt right at home the minute I walked onto campus. Everyone was so welcoming and I love the rural setting and community atmosphere.

Did the transfer process go smoothly? How did Etown help out with this?
I was able to have my courses evaluated prior to transferring to Etown so I knew which ones would transfer. I also got help creating a course plan to ensure that I would be able to graduate in three years and get into all of the classes I needed. I was in constant contact with the admissions staff and professors from the education department to ensure that my transfer went smoothly. Everyone was very helpful and if they were not able to answer my questions, they directed me to someone who could! Overall my transfer to Etown went very smoothly.

What advice would you give to other students who are considering a transfer to Etown?
If you are considering transferring to Etown, I would say do It! Coming to Etown was one of the best decisions I ever made. I would definitely say don’t be afraid to ask questions before and after deciding to transfer. All of the admissions and financial aid staff, professors, and other students are extremely helpful. Get as much help as you can and never feel like you are in it alone!