Through a partnership with a Blue Jay-founded company, Etown will be hitting the road in a new and fun way this summer!

Elizabethtown College has entered into a partnership with TransPromotion, an innovative advertising company established and led by alumnus Cory Moskowitz ’04, that has resulted in an Etown-branded box truck now appearing on highways and by-ways throughout the Northeast.

Recognizing the tremendous potential that naturally exists on the sides of tractor trailer trucks and 26’ box trucks, Moskowitz founded TransPromotion in 2018. The company works to broker advertising for both regional and national coverage on behalf of clients and prides itself on its ability to creatively maximize advertising opportunities by leveraging assets that are already in naturally high visibility and density areas.

Moskowitz shared that the inspiration for TransPromotion was derived from years of professional experience in related advertising areas. “After buying outdoor advertising for years, it became apparent that there was a better, more cost-effective way to reach a lot more people at a fraction of the cost of traditional billboards in major US markets.”

And there are high-tech methods through which Moskowitz and his team verify these data points for clients.

“TransPromotion trucks see anywhere from 50,000 – 70,000 daily impressions, which are validated through digital and cellular data overlaid with the GPS data from the trucks,” according to Moskowitz. Both the College and Moskowitz are thrilled about this partnership and the potential that exists for Etown visuals and messaging to reach further and faster than traditional billboard advertising.

TransPromotion is an innovative truckside advertising firm that brokers advertisements for placement on the sides of 53’ tractor trailers and 26’ box trucks that are already running routes every day. TransPromotion believes that putting trucks on the road simply to display advertisements is environmentally irresponsible and inordinately expensive, which is why the company leverages assets that are already moving with coverage areas and at rates that provide a tremendous return on investment.