Elizabethtown College Professor of Art Milt Friedly was invited to exhibit his painting, “Ranch Hand” at the European Cultural Center in Venice, Italy. Friedly’s artwork is part of the exhibition, “Time Space Existence 2021,” which opened on May 22 and runs until Nov. 21, at Palazzo Bembo, Palazzo Mora, and Giardini della Marinaressa.

Friedly’s painting, which was completed in 2019 and consists of acrylic on canvas, represents the usage of herbicide and defoliant chemical, Agent Orange during Vietnam and is part of his series, “Rolling Thunder – the Atrocities of Herbicide and Conventional Warfare.”

“The works are meant to be beautiful in one sense, the landscape, clouds, use of color and overall design, yet the imagery illustrates some of the methods and machinery that are used for destruction,” said Friedly. “The works are not exact illustrations but are metaphors for war and peace.”

About the Time Space Existence 2021 Exhibit

The multidisciplinary exhibition hosts projects from 212 international architects, artists, universities, urban planners, and creative professionals from over 51 countries. Exploring the main theses of time, space, and existence, the exhibition underlines the dialogue of the current thoughts, ideas, and practices of architecture, planning, and design in our contemporary world and imagines the future of our living environments. The European Cultural Center is free and open to the public.