Professor of Religion and Asian Studies Jeffery D. Long visited the United Nations twice in August to share his research on the Role of Promoting a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence

Elizabethtown College Professor of Religion and Asian Studies Jeffery D. Long presented at the United Nations twice in August sharing his research and expertise in Religion and specifically Asian studies. His first presentation on Aug. 2 was so well received that he was invited to return on Aug. 23 to present again.

“It tells me that the message I am trying to communicate about the values and virtues taught in traditions like Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism is needed, and that more people than ever before are receptive to this message,” Long said.  “This is what I have found in my teaching at Elizabethtown College as well.”

At E-town, Long teaches courses on Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism (Dharma Traditions), as well as a first-year seminar on Star Wars and Asian philosophy, Sanskrit, and Comparative Theology and Interfaith Engagement. It’s through the success he’s had with his teachings and research on the promotion of cultivating a culture of peace and nonviolence that he was able to share with a broader audience through his visits and discussions at the U.N.

“The United Nations is the pre-eminent organization working for peace in our world today,” Long said. “To be able to connect my academic work and spiritual practice with this important work is something I have aspired to do for many years.”

Long is hopeful his research and discussions at the U.N. with other world leaders will create a sense of peace for all.

“If we are able to find peace within ourselves, we can manifest that peace in the world,” Long said. “This is a hopeful message that the world desperately needs.”

Read Long’s latest published piece, “Reflections on a Culture of Peace.”